What Homeowners Need to Know About Termites

BASF is a brand known and trusted by pest management professionals that offers a wide variety of pest, termite, and rodent control solutions. Guard your home with proven, lasting protection.

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All Around the House Tips For Homeowners

Designing Spaces offers up some sound advice and wise suggestions garnered from some of the leading experts in their respective fields. First off, we look at termites, understanding them, and how professionals can prevent and eliminate them. Then we look at do-it-yourself moving, and see what helpful tools are available to make the move a […]

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Termite Solutions For Your Home

Termite Solutions for Today’s Homeowners –  Dr. Bob Hickman from BASF gives us an education on termites. First, he explains where termites come from and how they get into our houses. He describes how a colony builds and expands into above ground and ground based colonies. Bob also touch on flying ants, and how to […]

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