How To Protect Home From Termites: Solutions for Today’s Homeowners – 

Termites cause some 5 billion dollars in property damage per year. They constitute one of the biggest threats the home you have built will ever face. Few homeowners think about the choices they have for a preconstruction termite treatment when planning their custom built home, yet it may be one of the most important decisions they can make for its protection for years to come. Professional contractors and builders can also enhance the value of the homes they build and their reputation by specifying the use of a highly effective preconstruction termiticide. Bob Hickman w/ BASF shows us how to protect home from termites and explains the importance of BASF termite treatments. Termidor is a pre and post-construction liquid termite defense product applied by trained, licensed pest management professionals. More and more pest professionals are working with homebuilders to use premium products like Termidor for pre-construction termite prevention! for more information or

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