car safety

Maintenance Tips and Technology Hacks for Your Car

On this episode of Designing Spaces, we're covering all things car–from tire selection and motor oil, to safety tips and overall maintenance. 

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Hum by Verizon Takes Car Connectivity to the Next Level

We're turning to the experts at Verizon to keep us connected on the road. Cue Hum by Verizon, an integrated system that assists and empowers drivers with helpful safety features.

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Fall Car Care Tips and Tricks from the Pros

On today’s show we’re giving all the tips and tricks you need to get your vehicle in tip top shape, starting with Power Stop. Expert Kris Miller shows us in simple, layman’s terms, what happens when your brakes are replaced, and how you can upgrade to high performance brakes without having to be a gear […]

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Easy DIY Brake System Upgrade

Every car owner eventually faces the inevitable brake replacement. It brings up questions: What do you really know about your vehicle’s brakes? Am I getting my moneys worth on my new brakes? Without entering TMI territory, you will see how brakes function on your car, how you should treat them, and most importantly, how they […]

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