On today’s show we’re giving all the tips and tricks you need to get your vehicle in tip top shape, starting with Power Stop. Expert Kris Miller shows us in simple, layman’s terms, what happens when your brakes are replaced, and how you can upgrade to high performance brakes without having to be a gear head. Next up, tires! Thanks to Right Turn, discover how shopping for tires can be done online any time you’re ready, complete with installation to save you time and free you from stress and un-necessary expenses. If all this DIY is getting a bit stressful, try using Haynes Manuals. Finally, to ease the worry of any parent who’s child is starting to drive (especially on snow and ice!), SyncUP DRIVE from T-Mobile can track a driver’s trip to ensure safe arrival, confirm location and so much more! Finally, easing the stress of buying a new car. With ShesGotWheels.com, you can shop, research, get consumer opinions, and more.