Excellent Improvement Solutions for All Homeowners

Stay tuned as Designing Spaces showcases excellent improvement solutions for all homeowners, from air and water technology, to renovation tips and tech assistance. 

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Remodel Your Bathroom and Beyond with

Looking to upgrade your home? Specifically, remodel your bathroom? Say hello to

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Build with Ease Thanks to

We're traveling to Chico, California, to meet with the Kobz family, who are on a mission to remodel everything in their kitchen. That's where comes in. 

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Creating a Cool Home with Casablanca Fan Company

Correspondent Art Edmonds meets with John Alexander, CEO of the Casablanca Fan Company, to speak about the design and functionality of fans. At Casablanca, fans provide high-end style and breakthrough technology when it comes to lighting and movement. John explains, “We believe the ceiling is the fifth dimension in décor and deserves to be included […]

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