first time mortgage

Comfortable Spaces Inside and Out

With summer getting into full swing, Designing Spaces turns their attention to living comfortably, both inside and outside. First, we visit one home with a new HVAC system that is energy-efficient and cost effective. Then, we introduce one couple looking to buy their first home to a mortgage expert for a tutorial on securing a […]

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Educating Consumers on the Mortgage Lending Process

For many, owning a home is the American Dream. For first time buyers, it is an important step in their lives. That’s why it’s crucial to understand how mortgages work and know the pitfalls to avoid. Debi Marie sits down with one couple out to buy their first home, and introduces them to Geno McEwen […]

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Lifestyle Every Homeowner Faces : Mortgages, Taxes and DIY for Homeowners

In this installment of Designing Spaces we delve into aspects of lifestyle every homeowner faces. The first topic is as inevitable as your next breath: taxes! We look at how you can now DIY your income taxes without confusion or fear. Then we look at the first hurdle of every homeowner: your first mortgage. We get […]

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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Mortgages With Supreme Lending

Correspondent John McCalmont meets with Suzie Reed, Senior Loan Officer for Supreme Lending, at their corporate offices in Dallas, Texas to debunk mortgage myths and clear up a few misconceptions about securing a mortgage for the first time. Suzie explains, “You would be surprised how many people think, especially after 2008, that unless you’re wealthy, […]

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