Life Choices for Better Living

Today’s show is themed on common needs and wants when it comes to living spaces. Our first topic prepares us for backyard aquatic fun as we learn how keeping our pools healthy and sparkling is an easy DIY activity. Next, we shift to new apartment communities available to military families. These military housing complexes offer amenities […]

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Maintaining Balanced Pool Water

Designing Spaces’ Debi Marie has moved into her new home and wants to maintain the pool herself. On this segment of Designing Spaces, meet Rebecca, new products manager for the Clorox® Pool&Spa™ brand. She’ll give pointers on how to make pool care simpler and smarter. Rebecca points out to Debi the importance of a balanced […]

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Lifestyle Every Homeowner Faces : Mortgages, Taxes and DIY for Homeowners

In this installment of Designing Spaces we delve into aspects of lifestyle every homeowner faces. The first topic is as inevitable as your next breath: taxes! We look at how you can now DIY your income taxes without confusion or fear. Then we look at the first hurdle of every homeowner: your first mortgage. We get […]

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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Mortgages With Supreme Lending

Correspondent John McCalmont meets with Suzie Reed, Senior Loan Officer for Supreme Lending, at their corporate offices in Dallas, Texas to debunk mortgage myths and clear up a few misconceptions about securing a mortgage for the first time. Suzie explains, “You would be surprised how many people think, especially after 2008, that unless you’re wealthy, […]

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