karen conrad

Mortgage Tips, Smart Appliances, Gutter Cleaning, and AC Help

In this episode, we discuss topics like finding the perfect cooling system for that “always hot room” in your home and ways to make outside chores real easy to get done. We also show you great home-buying options for finding the right mortgage broker. Then, we profile Kenmore’s line of smart appliances — you can […]

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How To Stage Your Home for Success

Karen Conrad, home staging expert and author of “The First Seven Seconds,” helps a frustrated realtor transform a beautiful home that’s having a difficult time getting sellers to bite. Karen explains that potential buyers make a decision to purchase a home in the first seven seconds of walking in. That’s why you need to grab […]

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Home Hacks to Help Buyers, Sellers and Owners

You can make small improvements to your home that can make a big difference. Duke Energy can help you evaluate your homes energy usage and give you practical tips to save energy and money. Next up, staging your home for a successful open house. We’re getting tips from Karen Conrad, author of “The First Seven […]

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