You can make small improvements to your home that can make a big difference. Duke Energy can help you evaluate your homes energy usage and give you practical tips to save energy and money. Next up, staging your home for a successful open house. We’re getting tips from Karen Conrad, author of “The First Seven Seconds,” she’s helping one frustrated realtor who’s having a hard time getting buyers to bite on potentially beautiful home. Helping out the home buyer, we’re getting tips from Affinity Partnerships as part of our Mortgage 101 Series. We’re wrapping it up with an overview on all the tips you needs to prepare for buying a home. Once you’re in that new home, you want to keep it clean and organized, we’re getting tips from professional organizer Tatiana Knight to keep your laundry room, organized, and tidy. Finally, give your backyard a spa makeover thanks to Pool Corporation. They’re showing us how to create your own backyard oasis with hardscape concrete decking paver. Tune in for these great tips and more!