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Home Improvements Made Easy

On this local edition of Designing Spaces, we take a look at home improvements and maintenance tips, including metal roofing upgrades, smart home technology, pool design, and more! Did you know that metal roofs stand the test of time, they’re beautiful, and that they add value to your home? They also save money on your […]

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Designing and Decorating in Dallas

We’re in Dallas for the latest in home and design tips, including energy efficiency, using glass for home décor, soil education, cabinetry, appliances, and roofing tips. Peak Energy Savers was developed to help homeowners and business owners save money while helping save the environment. Carlyn Ray and her design group share the beauty of glassblowing […]

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How The Environment and Plumbing Affects Your Foundation

From landscaping to plumbing there are many elements affecting your home’s foundation. Perma-Pier Foundation Repair of Texas is here to provide unique and science-backed plans of repair and services for your family. Their sister company, BlackTie Plumbing, works with the best industry technologies and has two master plumbers on staff to advise on best practices […]

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How to Pick the Right Appliances and Cabinets

Are ultra-premium appliances and custom cabinetry on your home’s wish list? Today’s appliances are not like they were in the old days. Technology now plays a big role. It’s time to visit Factory Builder Stores, where there’s so much style and inventory for designers, builders, and homeowners. With locations throughout Texas, there’s lots to explore.

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