Find Out If Rental Investment Is Right for You

Ten percent of all single-family homes are rental units, equating to a two-trillion dollar industry. Demand for single-family rentals is expected to increase, too. This growth is a direct reflection of a number of factors, such as uncertainty in the job market, or a lifestyle choice like eliminating the burden of home maintenance, tax payments, HOA […]

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Storage and Organization Solutions

On this episode of Designing Spaces, we will look at solutions for storage and organization of your home and garage. ExtraSpace Storage provides affordable and convenient options for people needing extra space for whatever reason. Next, travel to Austin, Texas to the Bowie. Experience the luxury offered in this premium apartment building, and see the […]

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The Bowie: Luxurious Living in Austin

Designing Spaces pays a visit to Austin, Texas, where Michael J. Lynd, Jr shows us the Bowie, the most luxurious and exclusive apartment rental building in Austin, Texas. They have every amenity you could ask for. The pool, located on the building’s highest level, is the highest pool in Austin. Offering gyms, pools, spas, large […]

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Designing Spaces Goes Back to College

In this episode of Designing Spaces: Back to College, we take a look at ways to keep expenses lower for students in college. College is expensive, and many students will struggle to keep some necessary things within the family budget. First, we go to Cort Furniture Rental with Katherine and discover the benefits of renting […]

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