Smartly Connected Home Makeover

How to Enhance Your Existing Security System with Smart Devices and Sensors

Tech expert Jacques Slade sits down with Miami couple Juan and Sandra Andreu, who describe how a burglary of Juan's car right in their driveway prompted them to enhance their security with Xfinity Home from Comcast.

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With Xfinity Home, You Can Customize to Fit Your Needs

One of the great benefits of Xfinity® Home is that you can customize your system to fit your family's needs.

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SmartlyConnected Home Makeover

Xfinity® Home from Comcast sponsors a smart home makeover with the company's latest innovations in automated devices, which keeps homes secure and connected. 

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Smartly Connected: Control Your Home Security Remotely

ADT is back for another valuable security tip regarding its innovative Pulse system. Thanks to the power of ADT Pulse, the days of leaving a key under the mat or having to reveal your alarm code to allow people to enter your home are over. The smart technology of ADT Pulse allows you to arm […]

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