On this episode of Designing Spaces, check out the SmartlyConnected Home Makeover presented by Xfinity Home, a total smart home upgrade for Juan and Sandra Portal-Andreu and their two sons Julian and Gabriel. The Andreus, who live in a beautiful Spanish-style home in Miami’s Shenandoah neighborhood, are in need of a major technology upgrade. Watch along as Comcast integrates the family’s existing security system with the industry’s latest innovations in automative devices, keeping homes across the country secure and connected.

First up, you’ll meet noted technology influencer, Jacques Slade, who will guide the Andreu family through the process. He learns that after the family’s car was burglarized in their driveway a couple of years ago, the Andreus installed Xfinity Home for added security. Jacques suggests going even smarter by integrating their Xfinity Home system with additional devices, switches, cameras, and sensors.

Among the enhancements, Xfinity installs a 24/7 professional monitoring system, which includes real-time alerts, remote access, and fast response time in case of emergency.

Then there’s Xfinity’s new X1 Voice Remote, which gives the family access to their video camera surveillance from their home television. With the X1 Voice Remote, the Andreus can also access the Xfinity On-Demand Portal, as well as control their TVs and smart devices, all from one remote.

The best part is the Andreus now have the ability to stay connected even when they’re not home. The new Xfinity Home App allows the family to turn their lights on and off, control their thermostat, and schedule other rules at any time, no matter where they are. In fact, even when they go on vacation, the family will be able to control the system to make it appear that they are home, deterring potential burglars.

Host Jacques Slade

SmartlyConnected Home Makeover Host

Jacques Slade is a media personality and experienced digital content creator. He consistently produces videos for major brands including NIKE, Reebok, Finish Line, Champs Sports, and Lab Zero to name a few. Jacques has also built a brand of his own through his YouTube channel that currently earns over 3 million views a month, with daily updates and reviews on sneakers + sports, music, entertainment, technology and all the cool stuff he can find.