The Perfect Toolkit Every Homeowner Should Have

Around the House joins Ryan in the shop to show us how to build the perfect toolkit for all of our DIY needs. From renters to homeowners, knowing the essential tools needed for the daily maintenance of your home is paramount.

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Clean, Build & Fix with Zoro

Don't have enough time to complete that big project on your to-do list? Head to, a one-stop-shop for tools and supplies.

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Get Trusted Home Tips from Flooring to Finances

Designing Spaces shows you how to transform the floors in your home with Shaw Floors, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and leader in hardwood products. The company is known for their quality products and affordable pricing. Design experts from Shaw Floors will show you how to combine the beauty and durability of hardwood floors with […]

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Declutter Your Home with Expert Organizational Tools

Designing Spaces correspondent Rachel Leigh talks to John Hunt from Smead about how easy it is to get organized when you have the right tools. Smead has been in business for over 110 years, and they offer hundreds of organizational products. John shows how their products can help declutter your office space, organize files and […]

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