Aging in Place: Providing Comfort and Care for Seniors Living at Home

After a near-fatal fall, life has changed for 79-year-old Marianne and her 82-year-old husband John, an avid golfer who now spends nearly all his time with Marianne. He can’t imagine leaving her side while she recovers from the accident. The two are always on the lookout for ways to help them through the recovery process […]

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Aging In Place Makeover: The Perfect Cell Phone Solutions for Seniors

Like many senior citizens, John and Marianne Nicholas aren’t exactly tech savvy. So Tracfone came to the Nicolas home to show the Florida couple some user-friendly cell phones, along with talk and data plans to suit their needs. When it comes to cell phones, seniors have far different needs than millennials, and Tracfone ensures the […]

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Designing Spaces Goes Back to College

In this episode of Designing Spaces: Back to College, we take a look at ways to keep expenses lower for students in college. College is expensive, and many students will struggle to keep some necessary things within the family budget. First, we go to Cort Furniture Rental with Katherine and discover the benefits of renting […]

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Managing Your Student’s Wireless Bills

Susie Taylor is here to explain how Net10 Wireless can help you manage your college student’s wireless bills. With nationwide coverage, Net10 offers a low-cost option for people looking for all the services of the Big 4 wireless carriers, without the big price. You can use your current phone and number. We help one dad […]

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