Home Hacks to Help Buyers, Sellers and Owners

You can make small improvements to your home that can make a big difference. Duke Energy can help you evaluate your homes energy usage and give you practical tips to save energy and money. Next up, staging your home for a successful open house. We’re getting tips from Karen Conrad, author of “The First Seven […]

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Buy, Sell, Stage, and Spruce Up Your Home

Ready to buy, sell, stage and spruce up your home? We’ve got the how-to and know-how to help. Looking to buy or sell a home? These days you can do most of the work online. Get tips for staging your home sale for success. And if you have pets, you know that carpets and four-legged […]

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Kids Spaces: Baby Tips, Face Painting, and a Teen Room Makeover

In this episode we show how bringing baby home can be such a magical time and a stress free time with a variety of tips and ideas. Disney Star Tiffany Thornton joins us, too! Also we are treating the rest of the family to some fun child-friendly activities, as well as demonstrating how simple it […]

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Making a Difference with Quality Home Improvements

Designing Spaces shows you how to simplify and organize your house, as well as your personal finances.

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