Don’t move! We’re traveling to Central Florida to discover the best in home renovation and design.

Looking to buy your dream home? With expert guidance from Park Square Homes, it may be easier than you think to find your perfect house in Central Florida.

Time for a kitchen upgrade? What about a bathroom renovation? We know who to call: Stevens Kitchens. They’re known for driving innovative trends and designing spaces.

Renovating your home will give you a fresh new look – and add value to your home. This is especially true when you upgrade to frameless doors, in your bathroom and beyond. We’re turning to the pros at MY Shower Door.

Then, we follow the team at Zelman Style Interiors. They’re overseeing the final stages of a complete design overhaul inside a condo complex.

Plus, did you know there’s a potential of fire in every home? In an effort to reduce your risk, as well as protect your home and family if a fire happens, we’re turning to the experts at GelTech Solutions®FireIce®.