Designing Spaces checks back in with the Wolfe family, who have their hands full with five children! Thanks to Fisher-Price, the family’s playroom is packed with toys to keep the kids busy and having fun all day long. Fisher-Price, which has made fun and educational toys for babies and kids for almost 90 years, also offers expert tips for keeping it simple when it comes to playtime and playrooms.

Fisher-Price places a special emphasis on helping build social, emotional and physical skills through play. Well-priced, colorful, and durable, the company’s toys, including the Little People Caring For Animals Farm, appeal to every kind of kid. The Wolfes have had some of their Fisher-Price toys for close to a decade, illustrating the timeless appeal and durability of the brand.

It’s important to make sure everything has a place inside a playroom, too! Though it’s inevitable that a playroom will get messy, having a designated spot for every toy will help keep the space tidy and manageable!