Steve and Brittany are first-time home buyers in their early 30s. They’re active and always on the go, so they don’t have time to sort through hours of bank statements and tax returns to find out how much of a home they can afford and whether they’ll be approved.

Thanks to U.S. Bank’s new portal, they can apply for a loan from literally anywhere. When they have questions, they can call their trusted loan officer to guide them towards the next step. While taking their Saturday bike ride by the beach, they spot a “For Sale” sign and use the U.S. Bank Portal to find out how much of a home they can afford during a smoothie stop. Later that day, they pass by an open house and decide to apply for a loan through the portal, after a quick call to their loan officer, they’re prequalified.

When Brittany and Steve stop at a local lunch spot, they decide to take that last step and finish the application at the table without even having to gather bank statements or tax returns—the U.S. Bank portal does all the tedious work for them! Now the millennial couple is one step closer to owning their first home.