Designing Spaces: Tile Tips, Solar Panels, Enclosures & Financial Planning

Designing Spaces: Solutions for Inside & Outside Your Home!

As the mercury rises… We’ve got summertime solutions to keep you cool!

On this episode we learn all about refinancing your home or securing a mortgage to purchase one. We travel to MA to get a up close look at Solarskin Solar Panels a new way to bring sustainability & harmony to your home!! Easy to customize too. Plus… we learn all about Modular Enclosures… when we visit with Sunspace Modular Enclosures. Ways to bring the outdoors in… creating seasonal sun rooms that meet your lifestyle needs from the ground up… Speaking of grounds… above ground pool are fabulous summer option! We’ll have you splish splashing in no time. And a two-fer… doubling up on our tips from The Tile Shop pros…White hot ideas for the season.

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