Would you like to host your friends and family but just don’t have enough space in your home? These trendy ideas will transform your backyard into additional entertainment space.

Light Up the Party with String Lights

A trend that has been popular for a few years now is string lights. A great way to modernize your backyard lighting is to add these fixtures across your patio or around posts. String lights come in either iridescent (white) or LED (yellow) light. LED lights add a warm feeling to your red tone backyard while iridescent lights look best with contemporary looks. Standard string lights come in different shapes too: globe, fairy, and vintage Edison bulbs.

Get Cozy Next to Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great way to keep the outdoor party going into the night. The fire sources can be burning wood or gas. The pits come in different shapes ranging from bowls to ring, long rectangular pits to tables. Fire pits can be cast iron, which can be bought at your local home goods store, or constructed into your patio floor with stone or cement.

Turn your backyard into an entertainment space with some outdoor seating

The best way to redo your backyard is to start with the furniture. Current outdoor seating trends include mixing materials, using indoor furniture outside, dual purpose pieces and color! These days, you’ll see wicker couches with wooden coffee tables and iron outdoor lamps all in the same area. Some of these chairs can have a cooler under the seat as well. To add or change color schemes, focus on accent throw pillows and seat cushions.

Add a Instagram worthy backdrop with a Trellises

Trellises are a great alternative or an addition to gardens. These are wooden or metal wire frameworks where vines or climbing plants can grow. You can incorporate these into your backyard as gates, enclosures for outdoor kitchens or perimeter fences. You can replace each of these items with a trellis or attach one to each of them. If you have a garden, you can section it off with a trellis or add it as a backdrop for extra decoration.

Spend Your Lazy Afternoons in a Hammock

Mix comfort and style with a hammock. These hanging loungers are great for adding relaxing seating to your backyard. You can hang them between posts of your patio overhang, in your garden, on a tree or even poolside. They can be attached to each of these elements, or you can purchase one that comes with its own stand. The possibilities are limitless!

If you follow these five tips you will always have enough space to host your family and friends.