Studying, recreation and looking our best at college

In the second part of the Kid Spaces Back to College Special, we take a different tact when looking at life on campus. While classes and studies dominate a student’s time, there is also a social scene, and college students want to make the best of it! Three topics address the personal side of campus life. First, we look at health. When the sun is shining, college student will take advantage and enjoy some winter sports and recreation. However, harmful UV rays can have long term effects. Kid Spaces takes a look at sun protection. Then, we turn to our personal looks, and maintaining beautiful and attractive hair can be a challenge. We’ll have tips and suggestions that will have you looking your best. Finally, we are immersed into the world of quality audio for campus gamers by looking at a new headset that not only delivers the sound, but allows the user to take calls at the same time. It’s all about you and your lifestyle, college students, on the Back to College Special.