Melia has a problem. Her clear and clean swimming pool smells strongly of chlorine, and her young daughter will be taking swimming lessons soon. How can she eliminate the problem? Designing Spaces brought in Rebecca, New Products Manager for the Clorox® Pool&Spa™ brand to show Melia some simple pool care tips. As part of a regular pool maintenance schedule, Rebecca explains the benefits of shocking the pool. After a quick trip to the store to buy the Clorox® Pool&Spa™ Easy 1-2-3 Pool Care™ Brand System, Multi-Use Smart Strips™ teamed up with the “Clorox Pool” app, and Shock XtraBlue®. Later that afternoon, Melia has the pool on the road to perfection, and learns that a balanced pool does not smell like chlorine. Thanks again, Rebecca! The Clorox® Pool&Spa™ Easy 1-2-3 Pool Care™ Brand System makes pool ownership simple and smart so you spend less time maintaining clear pool water.