Join us on this special Big Home Makeover edition of Designing Spaces, as award-winning interior designer Alena Capra manages the makeover of a beautiful, expansive Florida home. Mark and Mary have three daughters, and their large home is the epicenter of family activity. Wear and tear have taken a toll on their home, and the family is ready for an update—the kitchen is the focal point of this home makeover.

Alena consults with Mark and Mary about choosing new cabinetry and countertops, and then the renovation is ready to get started. They all take a trip to Bedrosians Tile and Stone to pick out the beautiful new countertops and backsplashes. Bedrosians is one of the nation’s premier manufacturers, importers and distributors of ceramic and porcelain tile, decorative and glass mosaics, natural stone tiles and slabs. Don Jones of Innovation Cabinetry shows up to measure the cabinets and pave the way for a surprise space for Mary. Alena knows that when it comes to high-end lighting options at an affordable price, Capitol Lighting delivers. Join Alena as she makes a trip to Capitol Lighting and works with one of their many talented lighting experts to find the perfect interior and exterior lighting

Alena knows just how important it is to use colors that will last, which only comes from high quality paint. For this project, she’ll be using the Regal Select Interior line from Benjamin Moore because she knows it will stand up to her client’s busy everyday life. She’ll take us through the process of choosing the right colors, take us along for the shopping experience and find out from the Benjamin Moore experts why choosing the right sheen is so important.