There are families across this country that look just like any other in America, but there is something different about them. In each case, there is a loved one who has made the commitment to defend the United States of America.  Join R. Lee Ermey and an outfit of good folks from around the country in a project to change the lives of one more military family. Designing Spaces and their allies are moving forward with a series of Military Makeovers to show our appreciation for those putting their lives on the line to keep our great nation free.

Meet married couple Stephen and Ashley Lunt, medically unable to have children of their own. Stephen had been deployed to Afghanistan, where he was attacked and hit in the head by an insurgent. Thanks to a fortunate turn of events, they are now the proud parents of a happy and healthy son. Designing Spaces has called together a team of volunteers and sponsors to help the Lunt’s start a new life by renovating their home.