On today’s show we have your home and car covered! We start by answering all your questions about electric cars – Are they more expensive? How much better are they for the environment? Jonah Teeter-Balin from EV-Charging Solutions company AeroVironment answers them all!

And when it comes to cars, nothing is more frustrating than the dings, scratches, and minor damage that take away from your car’s look. Jeremy Thurnau from MicroFinish joins us to show how easy it can be to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. Once you’re done working on the car, hop inside your house and get mortgage planning tips from Affinity. They want to help educate seniors about reverse mortgages with a beneficial financial planning tool to create greater financial freedom. Finally, we have DIY tile tips to redo your bathroom. It’s much easier than you think with help from The Tile Shop.