On this episode of Designing Spaces, we’re learning how to become DIY pros! With help from a few stellar companies, stay tuned as we complete a number of “do-it-yourself” projects across the home, from the bathroom to the backyard.

First, we’re traveling to Chico, California to meet with the Kobz family. They’re on a mission to remodel everything in their kitchen, from appliances and hardware to backsplash and flooring. That’s where Build.com comes in.

Shower glass that looks brand-new forever? This is not a drill. With today’s innovations in glass, there’s no need to retreat to a pesky shower curtain. Designing Spaces travels to Massachusetts to see how it’s done!

Next, meet expectant parents James and Justine Cappiello, who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their second child — a baby girl. With a one-year-old son on the move, their time is limited. Fitting in time to paint can be a challenge for them, but with PPG Timeless paint’s one-coat coverage, their worries are over.

Then, Eddie and Lydia are proud parents of four children who want to feed their growing family organic produce without paying higher prices. David from Riverstone Industries introduces the couple to his company’s greenhouses that can help them harvest food all year long.