Small Change, Big Impact: Enhancements for Kitchen and Bath

On Designing Spaces you’ve seen a number of remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with a wide variety styles, today “Think Green” takes on a bathroom remodeling that’s environmentally friendly. We are going to cut water consumption and make saving water beautiful by giving the bathroom a stylish new look.

“Tapping” into the new Bronze Age with Pfister Faucets

Questions about how to update a kitchen or bathroom are the most common that we receive at Designing Spaces. The reason is obvious: the kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms that families use and visit most often. For homeowners who are interested in updating the look of their kitchens and bathrooms, we have a great solution thanks to special guest Greg Williamson, from Price Pfister®. He will introduce viewers to the stunning faucets of Treviso® Velvet Aged Bronze. Your water can flow from a beautiful faucet which will enhance your lifestyle as well as the value of your home.

If you want to make an affordable yet value-savvy upgrade to your home, the kitchen and the bathrooms are a great place to start. Accordingly to our expert from Price Pfister®, a brand from the Black and Decker® Company, faucets can be updated to be both more attractive and more environmentally friendly. It’s a small investment that can make a big difference. Style, efficiency and affordability are the goal of every segment of Designing Spaces and this segment won’t disappoint! We are smitten with the never-before-seen unique bronze finishes on the faucet fixtures and accessories featured on the show. The look is European-inspired and it will definitely inspire our viewers to update their kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Think it’s complicated to get this new look? Think again,  it can actually be a do it yourself project! The tools most commonly used when installing a kitchen or bath faucet, shower head or other plumbing fixture are:

• Pliers
• Flashlight
• Towel
• Bucket (to catch any excess water left in piping)
• Phillips Screw Driver
• Adjustable Wrenches
• Plumber’s Putty and Teflon Tape
• Basin Wrench

In addition to the great information provided on the show, the experts at Price Pfister® also offer numerous tips on their website at