Delray Beach in South Florida features some of the finest art galleries on the East Coast, and Blue Gallery tops the list.

Stay tuned as we take you behind the scenes of one of the most impressive art galleries in Florida. Yep, Blue Gallery is definitely worth a visit.

Mixing sophisticated flare with contemporary art, Blue Gallery features original collections of internationally-acclaimed artists specializing in landscapes, abstracts, semi-realistic, realistic, and figurative styles.

Blue Gallery’s founder and owner Rami Rotkopf grew up in the family art business in Tel Aviv, Israel. Extremely familiar and immersed with the kind of adrenaline buzz that is so typical of the atmosphere present in the art industry, Rotkopf adeptly infuses this energy into his Blue Gallery.

He reflects a lifetime of gallery experience and exposure to art and is committed to discovering and exposing the work of extremely talented artists. He combines his knowledge and vision, with his passion for the arts, and represents some of the most well-defined and celebrated contemporary artists of today.