Modular Landscape Maintenance Power Tools

Getting Your Property Ready for SpringDesigning Spaces gets out in the yard with one couple for hands-on experience with outdoor power equipment and some smart tips for maintaining the perfect property. Mark Kreccicki from Troy-Bilt introduced homeowners Melissa and Bill to a set of outdoor power equipment that is not only rugged, reliable and durable but also easy to use.

Curved shaft models are ideal for trimming for longer periods of time because of their well-balanced and lightweight design. Mark helps the couple launch into their landscape care with two types of string trimmers; straight and curved. Curved trimmers are well-suited for close trimming around ornamentals and intricate work. Straight shaft models are better for reaching under decks, around trees and getting into other hard-to-reach places. For taller folks, the straight shaft trimmers tend to be more comfortable, causing less fatigue. Troy-Bilt’s JumpStart™ Cordless Engine Starter JumpStart cordless engine starter makes starting all of the power tools easy; no cords to pull.

Yard of Your Dreams

With a hint of spring in the air, isn’t it time to pull out the tools to help you get a beautiful yard?

From preparing your flower beds to creating the perfect edge along your walkway to cleaning up leaves from last winter, Troy-Bilt has all the easy-to-use products you need to achieve your backyard dreams.

  • Troy-Bilt products are not only rugged, reliable and durable, but they are easy to use and built to last.
  • The TB22 EC Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer and the TB32 EC Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer are two-cycle string trimmers that work well for trimming grass in tight spots that a lawn mower can’t reach, like along a fence, under decks or near delicate plants and shrubs.
  •  The TB22 EC Curved Shaft Gas String Trimmer and the TB32 EC Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer are attachment-capable – meaning, they can be easily converted into a variety of lawn care products with TrimmerPlus® attachments. Edge your driveway with the lawn edger; prep the soil in your garden beds with the cultivator; and blow away dirt and debris with the high performance blower. TrimmerPlus is a great option for those who are looking for a simple way to take care of several projects around their home.
  • Eliminate pull starts with Troy-Bilt’s cordless JumpStart™ engine starter. This unique product connects to the engine of any JumpStart-capable Troy-Bilt product, including string trimmers, and starts it with the push of a button. Simply connect, press the button, remove the adaptor and the string trimmer is ready to go.
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