Kie Wagner from Glock, Inc. and R. Lee Ermey, “The Gunny”, talk about the importance of gun safety. Having a gun as part of your home defense is a right, but it is vitally important that gun safety rules are followed to the “T”. Any home with a gun must understand gun safety, responsibility and have awareness of how to handle and store a firearm. More women than ever before are taking an interest in firearms for the purpose of home or self-defense, but we are seeing an overall rise in general interest in firearms from women. On the topic of home defense, it’s essential that anyone who will be using the gun is properly trained and is familiar with gun safety standards. GLOCK recently led a very successful campaign called S.A.F.E. (Serious About Firearms Education). It included a Safety Pledge Drive established in order to encourage folks to take a Safety Pledge to demonstrate their commitment to firearm safety. GLOCK actively works year-round to promote gun safety across the United States.