Today on Designing Spaces, we offer simple solutions to enhance your home’s air and water quality, make playtime more fun, and keep your family safe.

First, homeowner Sylvia began noticing the negative effects of hard water in her home, especially the increase in her water and energy bills. By adding a water softening system and SureSoft water softener salt, Sylvia was able to start eliminating the effects of hard water. Lauren from SureSoft helps walk Sylvia through the process of using the salt, giving her some tips on how much to use and how often to use it.

Next, the Rasmussen family had mold was growing in their existing AC unit and spreading into their bedrooms, exacerbating the family’s allergy symptoms. The solution was Perfect Aire, which offers a variety of ductless mini split solutions that allow you to control humidity, cooling and heating from wherever you are.

Then, the Wolfe family has their hands full with five kids—toys are an essential part of their everyday lives. Fisher-Price has tips for keeping it simple when it comes to playtime for the family. Dannielle Kyrillos from Fisher-Price joins Designing Spaces to talk about how the company is focused on designing toys that grow with each child.

Finally, homeowners Sarah Blain and Bobby Schuh are a busy couple raising two little girls. As an entrepreneur, Sarah works both inside and outside of her home and wants to know everyone and everything in her home is safe and sound.

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