Military Makeover: A Security and Lifestyle Solution for the Taylor Family

An increasing number of the men and women in the armed services are returning from war trapped by their own disabilities, and have nowhere to live. Purple Heart Veteran Jeffery Taylor and his family were crowded into his in-laws small home, and desperately needed to get a home of their own. Purple Heart Homes called Jeffery Taylor’s situation to the attention of Designing Spaces, and the rest is history, as seen in this first episode of three of Military Makeover, Spaces of Hope special.

Designing Spaces has called together a team of volunteers and sponsors to help the Taylor’s start a new life; a place they can call home. In this episode, we meet Jeffery Taylor and family, and Hosts Michelle and Art meet with Dale Beatty and John Gallina, from Purple Heart Homes. A walk through the home reveals much renovation work needs to be done before the house can be turned over to Jeffery Taylor and family. Three sponsors are needed for some major remodeling: a new HVAC system, new floors, and a home management and security system.