Falling in love with autumn but falling behind on decorating for the new season? Here are some tricks on how to turn your home into a cozy fall retreat.

The easiest way to settle into fall is to follow a good color scheme.

Fall decorations generally lean on a more rustic range of hues, such as maroon, burnt orange, hunter green, and mustard. Earth tones will make your home feel like one big cup of pumpkin spice latte.

Visit your local home store and pick up a couple of table toppers and settings.

Decorations come in all different types of fall figures, including pumpkins, leaves, acorns, you name it! These pieces are essential to your fall decor because they are small and easy to store year-round.

Getting cozy almost feels like the reason for this season. Start off by buying a couple of throw blankets that match your fall color scheme, and literally throw them all over your house.

A great way to add pops of fall colors is to utilize throw pillows.

These pieces are great because you can take off the pillowcase each season for a new color scheme and wash last season’s line. Throw pillows stand out best on solid color furniture. You can also find outdoor pillow cases to bring a pop to your porch or patio.

Fairy lights are great for indoor and outdoor decorations as well.

They bring color to a dark room or set the mood during a windy night outside. They’re also easy to store and strong enough to clip more decorations from. If you buy a standard set of lights, you can keep them up all year and rotate add-ons as the seasons go by.

Wreaths were made for fall.

Big or small, tightly knit or loosely woven, abundant in harvest or just a couple of sticks, wreaths will bring a fall energy to your home immediately after being hung. They can go on your front door to welcome visitors, or they can be hung above a fireplace. Wherever they are, they add a serious dose of comfort.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to head to your nearest home decor store to stock up on fall-inspired goods. If you have to prioritize, we suggest starting with a couple throw pillows and a wreath for your front door. Happy decorating!