On this episode of Designing Spaces, we’re diving into the latest tips and trends of DIY.

Jillian is ready to buy her dream house! But first, she needs help getting a loan. She’s turning to the experts at Motto Mortgage to make it happen.

In need of a new mattress? We have the perfect solution: LUFT. With time-tested practices, locally sourced materials, and the latest technology, they deliver great sleep to millions of people.

Then, we’re traveling to Venice, Florida to meet with a family dealing with cracked and failing pipes. They’re in need of a quick and affordable fix. Instead of excavation, old and broken sewer pipes can actually be rehabilitated with Perma-Liner.

One of the biggest challenges facing homeowners looking to repair or update their home is selecting the right contractor. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, look to Contractor Connection.

Lastly, meet Tyler and Jen Evans. They recently moved to Austin and want to ensure their home environment is as clean and pure as possible for their newborn son! That’s why the couple turns to Alen, a leading air purifier company.