One item desperately needed for this house is a new central HVAC system, and it is one of the first renovations to be put into place. Amana, the company who makes the new HVAC system being installed, have generously donated it for Jeffery Taylor’s new home.

Ed Miller, an Amana HVAC installation contractor, gives tips on shopping for a new HVAC system, with emphasis on selecting the right size system for your home and selecting a competent installer. Andrew Karl from Amana explains the technologically advanced system being installed in the Taylor home, including the importance of a lifetime unit warranty.

More Comfort, Less Waste in Home of Injured Vet

Are you like most homeowners who don’t even think about your heating and cooling system until you are sweltering in your own home in summer or shivering in winter?

Maybe your system broke down or you are trying to save energy by moving the thermostat control up and down –and losing comfort in the process.

Are you like other homeowners who:

  • simply don’t realize how much energy an old inefficient system can cost each month in energy costs?
  • are not aware of the control features possible on a central heating and cooling system?
  • think that installing a new thermostat will increase the performance of the central system’s efficiency? … not accurate!

You can lower energy costs and improve the comfort of your home by installing an energy efficient central heating and cooling system, like Goodman Manufacturing will do for the home of injured Iraq war vet and Purple Heart recipient Jeff Taylor and his family.

Designing Spaces™ teamed up with Goodman and the Amana Brand high efficiency central heating and cooling system for the “Spaces of Hope-Project Homeward Bound” series which set out to transform a foreclosed on house and renovate it into a dream home for Jeff, his wife and 3 children who all face daily struggles living in a cramped mobile home.

Andrew Karl, an Amana Brand product manager, was on site at the renovation-in-progress to talk about how homeowners can gain long lasting comfort while slashing utility bills by replacing the old central heating and cooling system with a more energy efficient model like Amana’s.

Many homeowners still using older systems don’t realize how much money they are wasting every month simply because the components are old—basically outdated energy efficient level ratings.

Remote monitoring, diagnostic controls and maintenance reminders are now available to allow a homeowner even more control of their heating and cooling system by tailoring the system to their lifestyle.

Make sure to tune in to this inspiring 3-part series “Designing Spaces of Hope – Project Homeward Bound” on Wed. Sept. 25 through Fri. Sept. 27th and October 23-25 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) airing on Lifetime TV to see the full military home makeover. Goodman and Amana will be featured in Episode #1 airing on Wed. Sept. 25th and Oct. 23rd.

And check out the series re-air on December 25-27th at 7:30am on Lifetime.

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