APEX Block’s Alternative Insulated Concrete Forms 

Think Green visits Eagle Point Oregon to take a look at a home under construction. Dale Siens, CEO and President of APEX Block Corporation, gives us a tour of the construction site, showing us a new, green approach to building homes. Alternative Insulated Concrete Forms as a basic building block is changing how we build homes and structures, offering greater sustainability, health benefits, safety with its greater resistance to fire and severe weather, and greater energy efficiency.

Colin Smith, Product Training & Technical Support Manager at APEX, walks us through some of the unique aspects of building with the APEX block system. Doug Lystra from Majestic Builders explains from the contractor’s perspective: this is the wave of the future.

Build Your Home Safe and Sound

Is your home protected against natural disasters? Are the building materials strong enough to withstand hurricanes, tornado’s, fires, floods or earthquakes? More and more homeowners are interested in how their homes are built, not only if their homes are structurally sound, but also if the products used are safe and friendly to our environment.

With new advances in building technology, a safe and sound home is even more possible using APEX Blocks™ developed by APEX Block Corporation. These blocks, engineered to be stronger and more energy efficient than traditional building materials like cement block or stick frame, are made from 100% post-industrial/pre-consumer expanded polystyrene.

What does this mean for the homeowner? It means that an average home built with APEX Block keeps 2,477 lbs. of polystyrene out of our landfills — AND consumers can save up to 50% of their home energy bills. Re-modelers and home builders can use APEX Block™ in consumer DIY projects like building a storm shelter. APEX Block™ is Strong – it has approved wall formations to withstand:

  • Wind strength of 250 mph (category 4 hurricane)
  • EF5 level Tornado winds
  • Seismic rating of 8.5
  • Fire resistance of 3 hours
  • Mold and termite infestation

Building green can benefit homeowners’ wallets today as well as building for a cleaner, more environmentally responsible tomorrow.
For more information, please visit: www.apexblock.com