Plantronics® RIG™ Gaming Audio System

Innovations in Entertainment – Adam is packing up to go to college. It’s his first year, and as an avid gamer, he wants to enjoy his favorite games while away. Like many others, his world is full of all sorts of audio experiences – listening to music, watching YouTube videos or Netflix, and many of their studies have audio components, such as online lectures. Enter Jenny Scothorn, Gaming Product Marketing Manager at Plantronics®, Inc., with a new concept in headsets: the RIG™ Gaming Audio System from Plantronics®. The headset is compatible with the most popular platforms and gaming consoles, providing a full range audio experience with clean highs and seismic bass, making for a fuller gaming experience. The headset is adjustable and provides cushioning that keeps the user comfortable. Appealing most to college students is the mixer; allowing an adjustable mix of the game sound with audio from another device – a phone call, music, anything you want! Adam finds the RIG™ Gaming Audio System perfect for his on-campus gaming and studies.

Stay in the Game

In this hi-tech world we live in it seems like multitasking is the only way to get through a day, and our children are learning to multitask at a very young age.

Trying to juggle work, play and communicate is difficult enough, but what if you are multitasking on different devices? You only have 2 hands so it can really seem like a juggling act, but the people at Plantronics® who are behind some of the best wireless headsets around, and offers solutions for every family member, have come up with a headset device that can do it all.

If you have a child who is going off to college who is a “gamer”, multi-tasking will reach all new levels.

Staying in touch with family and friends, online lectures, study, gaming, internet surfing, the list goes on and on of what your child will be trying to juggle, and we all know if it’s a choice between hitting the next level on a game or answering a call from mom, well mom is getting voicemail.

Plantronics® has created a headset that has the power to multitask ALL of your child’s electronic devices. The Plantronics® RIG™ Gaming Audio system with audio mixer:

  • is a headset that will work with all of your favorite gamers’ devices
  • works with Mac, PC, smartphones, tablets and handheld devices, even your High Definition TV
  • works with every major gaming console you can think of including any generation Xbox, Play Station or big name gaming console.

The Audio Mixer is what makes this truly unique so if your child is in the middle of a game, or listening to an online lecture from a professor (every parents first choice) the mixer allows the user to mix in music or answer calls without leaving the lecture or game.

This takes multitasking to the next level, and ensures that you will never hear the “but I was studying” excuse for not answering a call from Mom or Dad again. The RIG™ Gaming Audio system can easily switch from one to the other, or staying with both, fade the sound effects of a game down so that your favorite gamer won’t miss a word Grandma is saying.

So now if your college kid is watching a documentary on Netflix for class, relaxing with friends playing their favorite video game, or working online, they can still answer your calls—all while listening to their favorite music, and not bothering their roommate who is sleeping late again.

As a parent your favorite part may be not having to ask them to “turn down that racket” again, whether you are on the phone with them, or they are just upstairs. That will be music to everyone’s ears. Visit today to learn more, and give your child the gift that will keep them connected to all of their favorite devices, and know they no longer have an excuse not to pick up when you call.

Make sure to tune in to Designing Spaces on Thursday July 24th and August 8th, 2014 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on the Lifetime Channel as Jenny Scothorn, Gaming Product Marketing Manager talks about the Plantronics® RIG™ Gaming Audio system as part of the “Back to College” series.

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