Easy to use pool technology with OmniLogic™ advanced pool controller

Jeremy is a pool builder in Dallas, Texas. When he was first introduced to the OmniLogic™ Automation System App, he knew he not only had to have it for his pool, but that his customers would be impressed as well. OmniLogic™ was specifically designed to be fun and simple to use, yet still provide the modern, high-end look and feel expected of pool  technology products today. Most high-end pool controllers on the market today are advanced, but very confusing to program, customize and use. The Apps are available on iPhone®, iPad®, and Android® make it easy to manage water chemistry, turn water features and lights on and off, and adjust heat and pump schedules for energy and thermal efficiency. Ryan Zugich, Hayward Pool District Sales Manager, explains many of the OmniLogic functions. For over 80 years, Hayward® Pools has been helping pool owners enjoy the pleasures of pool ownership by manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide.

Pool Time

Spending summer days enjoying time by the pool is a pastime many enjoy. Having a pool is luxury in the summertime, however taking care of it can drain you.

Pool maintenance takes time and energy and in today’s busy world, it can be an added hassle to keep the pool in top condition. Luckily technology and OmniLogic™ has you covered. As a leader in pool, spa and backyard automation technology, OmniLogic™ has as system that will make pool maintenance a breeze.

OmniLogic™ has the tools you need to help you manage water chemistry, turn water and light features on and off, adjust temperature, set timing, scheduling and more all from your smartphone or tablet and from anywhere you can think of.

Imagine the possibilities of being able to keep up with your pool maintenance from vacation simply by using an app on your phone, so you never have to come home to a green pool again. Instead, you arrive home to a chemically balanced clean pool heated to the perfect temperature, because you set the timer to have the heat turned on before you arrived home, as opposed to running the entire time you were gone wasting energy. The OmniLogic puts you in complete control so there is no wasted energy, which is good for your electric bill as well.

OmniLogic has the capability to be set up to control more than your pool’s chemical balance and temperature; it can also control the lighting in your pool and backyard. With just a few simple settings you can create different lighting themes as well including settings for parties, romantic evenings or family backyard gatherings. The control is all in the palm of your hand.

Visit www.hayward.com to learn more about how OmniLogic can help you control your backyard with ease. OmniLogic makes life easier, and who couldn’t use that?

Make sure to tune in to Designing Spaces on August 13 and 27th at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on the Lifetime Channel as Ryan Zugich, District Sales Manager will meet up with a couple to show how the Hayward® OmniLogic™ technology can take their pool, spa and backyard to the next level.

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