From propane and home renovations to shoe shopping and air purifiers, we’re covering it all on Designing Spaces.

First up, Designing Spaces travels to Amelia Island, located just off the coast of northeast Florida, to meet Larry and Elizabeth Nettles. The couple is on a quest to find a trusted contractor. That’s where Contractor Connection comes in.

The seasons are changing, which means it’s time to fill those closets with new shoe styles! When it comes to shopping for kids, Payless ShoeSource is the perfect place to go.

Then, meet Tyler and Jen Evans, who recently moved to Austin and want to ensure their home environment is as clean and pure as possible for their newborn son! The couple turns to Alen, a leading air purifier company. Watch along as Tyler and Jen place Alen purifiers across the home, resulting in clean and fresh air.

Plus, stay tuned as the Suburban Propane Partners, a leading propane and fuel distributor headquartered in New Jersey, explains how versatile propane is, from powering your appliances and cooking your food, to keeping you warm outside. That’s right—just because summer is ending doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to hanging out on the patio.