Kids and their parents are exploring new horizons thanks to rapidly developing digital technology. From bringing families together by turning the living room into a playground, to helpful tools for school projects and learning, Designing Spaces presents three topics with related to technology and family: parents will find helpful towards the goals of engaging and enabling their children. Our first topic reveals how easy we can make professional grade color prints by using a state of the art color printer and associated goodies that make it fast and easy.

Next, we jump into the world of gaming, only this time we are getting the whole family involved, as well as friends and relatives. It’s fun for everyone in the family living room turned playground. Next, we check out a useful tool for high school students looking to advance their math and science skills. College bound students will want to see this! Kid Spaces really are great for parents too, as you will see in this tech-centered episode of Designing Spaces’ Kid Spaces.

In this Episode of Designing Spaces: