Yard and Garden Supplies for Spring

Correspondent Michelle Russo visits the home of Laura and Eric to create a backyard oasis for spring and summer. For supplies, Kevin Smith from Central Garden and Pet lends expert advice on supplies and products to achieve the green goals. Kevin explains the technology of grass seed and how to use Ironite® to green up a lawn. For insect control, Kevin uses Sevin®, a non-systemic insecticide that stays on the outside of the plant, along with AMDRO® Ant Block to do just that! For a final touch, Pennington® Ultra Bird Seed is placed in a Cedar Works bird feeder to attract the local song birds for daily serenades.

 Keeping Your Property Safe and Beautiful: Central Garden & Pet products simplify and beautify outdoor living spaces— while creating enjoyment in the yard.

Central Garden and Pet offers products as well as innovative ways to create, beautify and protect your yard. Central Garden & Pet offers many products for all facets of caring for your yard. That doesn’t mean just maintaining your lawn— but also enjoying it.

Most homeowners are looking for help when it comes to working and caring for their yard. Listed below are questions you might ask, and how Central Garden and Pet products can help:

* Help make things grow: Seed, fertilizer
* Help maintain my lawn & garden: Grass Seed, Lawn Fertilizer
* Help create a comfortable and inviting space: Animal/pest controls
* Help connect with and care for nature: Bird houses, feeders/feed, varmint controls
* Help express creativity through the yard: Pottery, seasonal decorative items, structures, trellis/arbors, furniture

Some of those products include:

* Lawn mineral supplement from Ironite®
* Insect control from Sevin® and Amdro®
* Grass seed and bird seed from Pennington®

Central Garden and Pet’s goal is to help everyone achieve a sense of accomplishment in and around the house and yard– so that you can experience happiness by creating, working in and enjoying the outdoor spaces around your home.

Their products simplify and beautify outdoor living spaces— while creating enjoyment in the yard. For more information visit, http://www.central.com.

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