Water management is the single most important item to consider when maintaining your home’s safety. Mold, mildew, and rot are all due to mismanaged water. Whether you’re tired of getting on the ladder and cleaning out the gutters, or if you would just rather spend time doing other things, have peace of mind knowing your gutters around your house will remain clear and functional thanks to Gutter Helmet®. Designing Spaces goes to Alabaster, Alabama, where homeowner Robbie is having Gutter Helmet® gutter protectors installed on his home by a certified installer. Jeremy Kelsey from Gutter Helmet® explains how the protectors keep debris out of the gutters and rain water flowing freely through the gutters and away from the house. The Gutter Helmets are attractively styled and available in a selection of colors that blend in with the roof. The installation takes about a day, and when completed, the home owner no longer needs to worry about leaves and debris.