Today on Designing Spaces, we’re taking the guesswork out of car maintenance so that you can enjoy your ride instead of maintaining it.

First, DieHard has been leading the automotive battery industry for over fifty years strong—and now the brand is officially available online at Amazon.

Faithful DieHard consumer John Paul Iusi introduces Designing Spaces to some of his favorite DieHard gadgets and teaches our viewers how to keep their car batteries packed with power at all times.

The DieHard Smart Charger and Maintainer makes your charging experience convenient and stress-free. Plus, you can use the DieHard Smart App, which takes advantage of WiFI Smart Control to operate the device from anywhere.

Then, DieHard introduces its new line of all-season tires, available at We meet Roman Castillo, a South Florida driver who works in construction and is looking for a smoother and safer ride as he travels back and forth to various construction sites. DieHard’s All-Season tires come with 70,000-mile warranties and are good for all weather and road conditions.

Finally, watch as we put the Philips X-tremeVision upgrade headlight bulbs to the test and bring peace of mind to a South Florida driver and her family. Working mother Sabine Sanchez meets with Jake Spencer from Philips Automotive to discuss her night driving concerns. Jake installs Philips’ X-tremeVision headlight bulbs in Sabine’s vehicle to improve her nighttime visibility and give her peace of mind.

Philips X-tremeVision bulbs deliver up to 100% more vision at night, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for night driving.