Debi Marie meets with Ken Jacob, Senior Research Engineer at the Bose® Corporation, to take a look at an exciting new way to enjoy music at home. Ken gives an overview of the SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi® music systems, small components that deliver a big sound wireless from sources like on-line music services, internet radio, or CDs. Starting with the top of the line Bose SoundTouch™ 30 Wi-Fi® music system, Ken demonstrates how it could serve as your main audio system. Next, the new Wave® SoundTouch™ is perfectly sized for your night table and there are no remotes or buttons to fumble around with, while offering a wide range of audio options as well as alarm and snooze control. With the SoundTouch™ Portable Wi-Fi®, Ken and Debi take it out on the patio to enjoy quality audio with a little fresh air, no wires attached! Also, Ken demonstrates setting up a system using the Free SoundTouch™ app.