Debi Marie and tech guru Susie Taylor talk about a cellular service that is inexpensive, requires no contract, and provides quality service. Susie tells us that it is NET10 Wireless; a no contract cell phone provider that can save you up to half on your current cellular phone bill.  With the savings you can spend it on holidays. How do they do it? Unlike the big carriers, you know who they are, NET10 does not have to pay for all of the big towers and they pass the savings on to consumers. What’s really amazing is that they provide service and phones on any one of the four major networks.  So you get the same level of cellular coverage you get now. Susie also shows us some androids that offer the most popular features, but without the big price tag. Also, they discuss no contract plans, and Net10’s Bring Your Own Phone Plan. Want that extra holiday savings?  Then check out NET10.