Joining forces with Military Makeover is Karl Champley, home improvement expert and official Gladiator spokeman. The mission: A garage makeover for the Keefe family. The garage is one of the most over-looked spaces in the home, yet has the potential to be a major hub for all kinds of activity that happens in a household. Karl explains to Art that homeowners purpose their garage in two different ways: A place for cars, with storage space on the walls, or as a workshop or recreational area. Whichever way you go, there are Gladiator storage solutions that fit your personality and lifestyle. Importantly, Gladiator products are built to last, backed by a 10 year warranty. The Gladiator team outfits the garage with a Gladiator® Chillerator® refrigerator, Gladiator® Workbench, Gladiator® 77 inch Rack Shelf, and Premier Cabinets, including Modular GearBox and GearDrawer.