Packing Up for College with U-Haul Collegeboxes 

Sophia Hutchinson, Program Manager for U-Haul International’s Collegeboxes, explains services for college students going to or coming from school. Collegeboxes manages the whole process.

Brianna is going back to college, and is looking for a way to avoid the stress and craziness that goes with packing up and moving into a dorm room. Brianna and her Mom are teamed up with Sophia Hutchinson, Program Manager for U-Haul International’s Collegeboxes, to discover how much of the stress and strain can be relieved. Collegeboxes provides services for college students going to or coming from school. Collegeboxes manages the whole process from pickup and delivery, to boxes and packing supplies, and a storage space if needed. The whole process is done with six easy steps. Before long, with many helpful tips and suggestions from Sophia, our college bound student and her Mom have everything packed, and ready to be taken away. With Brianna arriving at her college on a certain date, her belongings will arrive at the same time with Free delivery “At Your Door”™. Mom is relieved and daughter Brianna is secure concerning settling in her new dorm room.

Back to School Packing

Reduce the stress of college packing or storing

Moving is listed as one of the more stressful things a person can go through, so imagine having to pack and move twice a year for four years! Now that’s stressful, and it’s what most students going away to college, and their parents, deal with every fall and summer for several years in a row.

This can be challenging enough going to a school a state or two away from home, but what if you are going clear across the country or even somewhere in Europe? The logistics can be too overwhelming to even think about, but luckily U-Haul Collegeboxes supplies and services have you covered.

U-Haul tries to make the process as easy and stress free as they can, in 6 easy steps:

  1. Sign Up Online – Sign up for the service and order supplies online. Click on Live Chat for professional advice on how many boxes you may need and packing advice.
  2. Supplies Shipped To Your Door – Everything you need to pack is shipped directly to your door, home or dorm room.
  3. Pack And Label – Pack and label all of your items for either shipping or storage. U-Haul College Boxes has summer storage available so you don’t have to bring everything back to mom and dads every summer.
  4. Free Pickup “At Your Door™” – Schedule your free pick-up and leave the rest to U-Haul.
  5. Store And Ship – You now have the option to have items sent directly on to your dorm, or stored for a few weeks and then delivered, or stored for the summer. Boxes, Luggage, bikes you name it, national or international. Great for “study abroad” for a semester students.
  6. Free Delivery “At Your Door™” – You choose when you want the items delivered and they will arrive, whether it is direct ship from home, delayed ship or transport from summer storage, it is all delivered right to your doorstep!

The easy to use U-Haul Collegeboxes service takes all the hassle out of transporting everything you need to and from with little to no stress. If your child is traveling for a few weeks before arriving at college, U-Haul stores everything in one of their safe and secure storage facilities and delivers on the date they arrive at the dorm.

When your child comes home for the summer, your garage no longer has to be filled with appliances, furniture and boxes; everything can be stored for the summer and returned back to the dorm in the fall.

Say goodbye to the stress of physically moving your child in and out of college yourself and check out or

“Student shipping and storage is the heart of Collegeboxes! Our focus is on students only; we operate with state-of-the-art technology, provide the finest service, and offer the best prices to our customers,” said Sophia Hutchinson, Program Manager.

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