Sun Protection for Kids and Nature’s Elements with Banana Boat® –

Joining Kid Spaces’ Rhonda Castagna is Dr. Ellen Marmur, dermatologist and mother of four, who has teamed up with Banana Boat® Sun Care to share her personal advice on sun protection for kids while they have fun in the sun. Sun blocks protect against more than sun burns – there are long-term effects that are not always visible. Skin damage accumulates over time, and also increases the risk of skin cancer.

Dr. Marmur explains Sun Protection Factor, and how it relates specifically to UVB protection. The Banana Boat® Sun Care Kids’ sunscreen portfolio is pediatrician-tested and water-resistant, and is the first brand to offer a tear-free, sting-free continuous spray.

The Sneaky Sun

We all know that putting on sunscreen when we head out to the beach or the pool is a given.

During beach time, ocean time, pool time and all of our favorite summer activities protecting our children’s skin is a priority, so we slather them with sunscreen and adhere to the golden rule – re-apply. Diligence during these times is vital, but sometimes we forget that the sun is out every day regardless of what we are doing, and of course, not just during the summer.

Occasionally we can forget to protect our skin on those regular, average, and non-beach going days. Gardening, walking to the park, riding bikes, vacation site seeing, or even on an overcast day, the sun doesn’t forget about us, so it is important we don’t forget to protect our skin ANY time that is spent outside.

Banana Boat® has everything you could need to protect your entire family from the harmful rays of the sun, during any activity year round. Recently they shared some important sunscreen tips with Designing Spaces to ensure you are protecting your children.

  • Make sure your child wears a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day.
  • When outdoors for an extended period time, they should use a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Apply sunscreen over your child’s entire body before going outside.
  • Reapply every two hours or after swimming or excessive sweating or towel drying.
  • Water-resistant, spray-on sunscreens are perfect for toddlers who won’t sit still!

The Banana Boat® Sun Care Kids’ sunscreen portfolio has everything you need to protect your young ones. It is pediatrician-tested and water-resistant up to 80 minutes.

Banana Boat® Sun Care is the first brand to offer a tear-free, sting-free continuous spray. This lotion spray is gentle so it won’t irritate your child’s eyes or skin.

NEW Banana Boat Kids Free SPF 50 Continuous Spray offers powerful protection in an ultra-gentle sunscreen. It is the only Kids clear spray sunscreen that is Tear-free, Sting-free, and Alcohol-free, which helps to avoid irritation and dryness, even on sensitive skin.

The Banana Boat® Kids Free is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Additionally Banana Boat® has a full line of protection products for the adults in your family, ensuring everyone is covered.

Not only is it vital to protect our skin any time we are exposed to the sun for prolonged periods or time, it is also important to teach our children the from a young age to always wear sunscreen whenever they head outside to play.

Teach your children by example to protect the skin they are in. Banana Boat® Sun protection has you covered.


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