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LifeLockHomeward Bound Host Art meets with Tami Nealy, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Lifelock, to discuss identity theft. Tami points out how ID theft is more than someone lifting a credit card number, and that it now extends into the digital world. Also discussed is how children, with no presence on line, can become victims of identity theft and have their credit ruined before they even know it.

Don’t take the excuse, “It will never happen to me” as a rationalization to avoid the thought of what could happen. Lifelock offers protection at a very reasonable price per month: one that Tami compares to the cost of donuts and a coffee. Is your ID security worth it?

Protecting YOUR Identity and the Taylor Family’s

Surfing the net, paying bills, playing games…using the Internet for our daily activities makes all of us potential victims of identity theft….even children who are not online!

With security top of mind, LifeLock and Designing Spaces™ teamed up for the “Designing Spaces of Hope – Project Homeward Bound” series which shows the step-by-step makeover of a house for the Taylor family. Jeff Taylor, an injured war veteran, his wife and 3 children live in a cramped mobile home facing daily struggles.  Tami Nealy from identity theft protection company LifeLock, Inc. joined the show to talk about protecting the Taylor’s and YOUR family’s identity.

Identity theft can strike at any age. With our names, Social Security number and other personal information given out at everyday places we go, such as doctors’ and dentists’ offices, it’s easier than ever for identity thieves to grab our information.

LifeLock provides not only identity theft protection but peace of mind with:

  • Intuitive threat detection
  • Advanced Internet surveillance
  • Proactive alert system*
  • 24/7/365 award-winning member service

Identity theft is a problem in this country, and it affects children as well as adults. Identity theft can affect children the same way it can affect adults, when the individual’s name is used in combination with Social Security number, address or date of birth.   Leveraging science and technology, LifeLock’s identity theft protection goes further than what consumers can do on their own.

*Network does not cover all transactions and scope may vary.

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